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Buy Directly from the Source

Every diamond is a story in itself, full of history and fascination and love.
The source and heritage of Dalumi diamonds are the ingredients of its inspiration.

Heritage as knowledge

Just as our diamonds can be traced back to their source,
Dalumi’s legacy is inspired by family integrity.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

But in diamonds, there is more than meets the eye

Since 1993, Dalumi has been a proud Sightholder of the world’s leading diamond company De Beers, attaining the opportunity to purchase their rough diamonds.

It's all about Service

Stand out from the crowd. Be unique. Be yourself.

Dalumi Diamonds

Responsibility & Community Engagement

Diamonds are synonymous with luxury and the good life. But it is our responsibility to never forget the lives of the people and the communities which come in direct contact with the mining and production process.

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