Dalumi Group

Every diamond is a story in itself, full of history and fascination and love. The source and heritage of Dalumi diamonds are the ingredients of its inspiration. Established in 1960 by Asher Dalumi and run today by the second generation, the Dalumi Group is an international company with manufacturing facilities in Botswana, Israel and India, offices around the globe and some 550 employees worldwide. Dalumi Group produces a wide range of diamond products, from polished diamonds in various colors and qualities, to beautifully designed branded jewelry collections. As a global diamantier and jeweler, we play a vital role in promoting responsible practices across the entire span of sourcing, processing and crafting. Our passion for value begins with sourcing high-quality raw materials and continues through providing beautifully cut and polished diamonds and creating distinctive jewelry. All products are marketed worldwide through offices in the US, Asia and Europe, and Dalumi’s Online Inventory. The Group also offers clients a range of turnkey jewelry solutions as well as educational, PR and marketing assistance.

Only Certified Diamonds